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By Ron Uchman                                                                                  July 3rd, 2013

For over 60 years, headphones manufactured by Sennheiser have been among the most sought-after headphones on the planet
I can still remember my first experience with headphones. They probably weren’t very good, especially by today’s standards, but my only prior experience with an in-the-ear listening device was the ear plug (yeah, one ear at a time) that came with transistor radios. (Most of you probably won’t even know what I’m talking about but transistor radios were these hand-held devices that you used to listen to music on AM. FM radio existed but it seemed mostly experimental. AM was where it was at. Of course, I grew up in Chicago and our two biggest “rock” radio stations were WLS and WCFL, and they sent their signals across most of the country),
Anyway, back to the headphones. My family was visiting a relative and my uncle could obviously see that I was incredibly bored with the “adult” conversation that was going on and thought that I wouldn’t be such a pain in the butt if he could keep me occupied. So, he took me into another room and turned on his stereo. So my listening enjoyment wouldn’t bother the rest of the folks in the house, he plugged in his set of headphones. I was stunned when the music came on. I had never been to a concert but the sound coming out of the headphones just floored me. I couldn’t believe it.
That sent me on a quest. I had to know more and had to experience better. Of course, I was just a kid at the time and I couldn’t afford to buy my own gum, let alone headphones, but I started talking to other people and visiting the library to find out as much as I could (it would have been so much easier if the internet had been invented).
Of course I had seen headphones prior to using them. They were in so many movies (war movies, historical pieces about people like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell and some of the early pioneers of sound technology, but I never expected to hear what I heard. The sound emanating from those “movie” headphones tended to be scratchy and almost unintelligible.
This was different.
Anyway, to make a long story short, while I was never a real audiophile, I experimented with many makes and types of headphones and, after many years of experimentation, I have to say that Sennheiser Headphones have been my favorites.
I like that they make so many different models which can accommodate any head shape and size. I like that they have been produced with an end use in mind…that it, to say, different models have been manufactured with specific purposes in mind. I like that they are so durable and comfortable. 
Mostly, however, I love the way they sound.
Sennheiser Headphones have long been considered to be among the premier listening devices made and they are some of the most sought after headphones by audiophiles and professionals alike who need comfortable, well-performing and dependable equipment. 
For over 65 years the name Sennheiser has been synonymous with top quality products and spot-on solutions for every facet of recording, transmission, and reproduction of sound.
Enhanced by German engineering and attention to detail, the entire line of Sennheiser headphones is being constantly improved. The introduction of new models of headphones reflect continuing technological innovation.
Every aspect of sound-the lows, the mids, and the highs-is well represented. The bass booms and rolls impressively when it needs to but is not overrepresented like so many other headphones. 
The ability to block outside sounds is important to a quality headphone. Many Sennheiser Headphones feature a tight-fitting cup that effectively neutralizes ambient sound from interfering with what you want to hear. In addition, exclusive to Sennheiser, their high-end cans feature E. A. R. E.A.R refers to Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement which increases the audio quality. Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement technology is said to deliver a more natural acoustic sound by inclining the acoustic baffles to channel the audio directly into the ears. Fine soundscape detailing is helped along by neodymium magnets and Duofol diaphragms. A gold plated audio jack helps ensure a solid connection to the audio source.
Sennheiser Headphones sound great when first used but they sound dramatically better with continued use. Some say it takes about five hours to break them in; others suggest that it could take 20 days. But all seem to agree; they get better over time.
There is a wide range of headphones offered by Sennheiser, although few brick-and-mortar businesses can offer more than a small number of models. So, if you enjoy really digging into a project and you know EXACTLY what you want, you might be encouraged to do your shopping, at least your homework, online before making that buying decision.
Below is a synopsis of some of the more popular headphones in the Sennheiser line, along with a brief description, to give you a head start on your quest for the perfect set of cans. We’ll discuss these headphones, as well as many others, in subsequent pages to assist you in your quwst for more information.
 Sennheiser Momentum headphones perfectly demonstrate the famous Sennheiser sound quality. The deliberate material selection of these refined headphones, the use of supple, breathable leather for the headband and earcups, displays their commitment to style. 
The use of high-performance neodymium magnets for extraordinarily rich and detailed stereo sound is another example of the technical brilliance used in these cans. Also, the circumaural (Circumaural headphones, sometimes called full size headphones, have circular or ellipsoid earpads that encompass the ears. Because these headphones completely surround the ear, circumaural headphones can be designed to fully seal against the head to attenuate external noise-Wiki) capsules ensure perfect listening enjoyment without having to deal with background noise. 
Circumaural Professional DJ & Studio Headphone
The HD 280PRO produces thrilling true-to-life sound, while keeping ambient sound where it should be. These headphones fit around the ear (circumaural). They fold to take up less room for storage. Neodymium magnets are built in for maximum SPL (Sound pressure level (SPL) or sound level is a logarithmic measure of the effective sound pressure of a sound relative to a reference value. It is measured in decibels (dB) above a standard reference level-Wiki).
The HD201’s "over-the-ear," closed-back design allows exceptional diminution of background noise, allowing for a truly delightful listening experience with few outside distractions. Although it is unusually lightweight and comfortable, the HD201 creates a true "high-end" personal listening experience that listeners expect from any Sennheiser headphone. 
The HD 202-II is a closed-back (semi-circumaural) around-the-ear stereo headphone featuring powerful bass reproduction. Its lightweight constructions allows for hours of comfortable wear. The leatherette ear cushions replacable. Powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms are designed for high sound levels.